Diamond Cements Digital Branding Campaign has accelerated in achieving increase in brand awareness and boosts customer loyalty via the rewarding program.

Challenge Diamond Cement Limited previously had a little digital footprint, the social media page of diamond cement had a very little integration rate, reach was low, it didn’t have the contents to attract customers on; thus the communication was a bit laggy & was missing a massive crowd of people to showcase the products. To stay in front of the social media competition, it was quite a drawback for the brand. What Intelzaa didWe found the proper solution to focus on introducing their products & services first then how its going to benefit and solve problem (expert tips) with area wise targeting, most of our contents were focused not only to deliver a message their main focus was to engage with their customers. We believe media buying could create brand awareness, but in this vast race, people tend to forget the brands if it doesn’t create an impression. Intelzaa made a strategic marketing model focused on content marketing campaigns for impressions, and also touched the awareness section. To retain the best conversion, we designed the modules to be most engaging, so people who are going to see these campaigns have to communicate, comment, or send a message to us. Our segmentation was: Basic Awareness | Engaging Contents | Contest Campaign and Reward System We even launched a campaign to reward the peoples using Diamond cement at a particular month, which also generated a significant amount of client loyalty. As people started responding to our ads and contents, the reach and engagement skyrocketed. We have achieved the milestone of receiving around 5lakh People within 1.5 Month; the engagement ration was more 1.5lakh. A staggering 30 % increased the recurring people. When the contest campaign was promoted, the post reach was more than 2/3lakh sometimes. With all these fantastic facts, the inbox got plummeted. Also, we were receiving more than 20 queries per day, as now the social media communication channel was smooth, people are sharing their experience, asking questions, talking about buying cement, and our moderation team is in charge of replying to Diamond Cement Customers with great care for one more happy customer. Diamond Cements branding status has come a long way from the days of the fragmented and dull social media model that offered limited visibility into products and leaving them with minimal opportunities to improve performance. By partnering with Intelzaa to deploy a streamlined and centralized campaign model, accessing highly skilled talent, and innovation capabilities, they have been able to position their brand to continue to excel in today’s dynamic environment.