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Why Intelzaa

A virtual assistant (VA) will help you with the product and research-based tasks, excel work, product image editing, product listings, optimising product lists, managing pricing and inventory, fulfilling orders, processing returns and exchanges, bookkeeping, and handling customer support, thereby keeping your store up to date and running 24×7.


We’re like your personal tech trendsetters, keeping your business ahead of the game with the latest and greatest developments.

We’re not robots, we’re real humans who get you and your problems. Our solutions are crafted with empathy and understanding, just for you.

We’ve got your back, and your data’s too! We backup everything and even have a virtual assistant on standby for those urgent needs.

You’re in good hands with us – we guarantee it! Our data-driven results will help you run your business like a pro and keep it thriving for the long haul.

Reliable Business Support

Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Manage small updates and changes to your site

Managing your ecommerce e.g. shopify, amazon, etsy, target, woocommerce, ebay etc store. Data Entry, entry to CMS,CRM etc.

Creating content, scheduling post & managing handles

Will provide strategy to properly market your brand, will provide content planning and so on

Basic design and animation works done for you

Save time and boost response rates with chatbot automation!

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