The Power of Social Media in Unprecedented Times!

By Web Developer

Social media has become the quintessential form of entertainment in our daily lives and usage has drastically increased by 72% during the pandemic. With the social media use soaring, during the lockdown – we decided to interview these six delightfully sophisticated ladies, who are all very tech-savvy and played a huge role on social media …Read More.

Instagram affecting us in our existence and how they crawling into our lives organically without even realising connecting to the era of digitization and its “benefits” and its “harsh” affects!!

By intelzaa_admin

In this day and digital era, the way things are moving forward from merging of “digitization” to life, fortunately or unfortunately we cannot say where our future and generations are heading towards. In this article we will simply discuss on the benefits and the hind side of using Instagram and how its impacting our lives …Read More.

Outsourced Freelancers vs. Managed Services

By intelzaa_admin

Benefits of freelancers: Outsourcing business processes to freelancers, companies often compensate less greatly than one would to a managed service companies.  There are no infrastructure overheads to outsourcing jobs to freelancers for as overhead is predominantly non-existent. Freelancers can ensure one’s project is accomplished and turnaround quickly, confirming he/she has what one needs right away. …Read More.