Customer Service Is a service provided for the customers and the consumers who buy products and services sold or given by organisations. It is an integral and a very important part of an organisation to make sure that every customer should be satisfied with their products and services, otherwise it will have a huge impact on their sale and the reputation in due course.

Unfortunately, in a first world nation like the United Kingdom the “customer service” is literally are just words not a real function! In this day and age where companies have combined technology and human interface, which supposed to provide an excellent and less complicated services to customers, whereas the UK has made a total mess of it.  The customer service has always been average and mundane in the UK but to make things worse it has dropped rapidly to its worst over a decade between 2011 and until now.

Over the year’s companies such as big or small have focused on being cost effective has sized down customer service budgets rather than giving an extra boost to it. On the other hand, for the growing popularity and the instant response from the social media platforms have given consumers a powerful voice for which all these brands and companies as a result are paying a hefty price accordingly.

A good service always brings in more customers which means more money, popularity and vice versa. The usage of customer service is still very much in its initial stage in social media, however the marketing departments of these companies are heavily involved in the social media platforms. Basically let’s say a body cannot function properly and will collapse if one of its vital organs is not working appropriately!

Consumers create a brand and can destroy one as they are the buyers or the engine of a car per se, so the brands will have to think very astutely about whether they can afford to disregard it any longer.

Anonymous clients and service users from the articles (used as references below) and from Intelzaa’s personal experiences are showing that, everyone have faced huge complicated issues with the customer service teams one way or the other.                                                                                                                 Such as checking bank transactions to simple phone network providers everyone seems to have issues like getting connected, which takes forever and once finally connected, they seem to have no idea of the core issues are and henceforth tends to make things frustratingly problematical.                                    These things happen simply because of lack of funding and as a result, it cannot hire enough staffs and train them particularly to their assigned job roles.

One of the solutions is like outsourcing these roles to an organisation like Intelzaa, where we have the resources and have a team of highly skilled experts based in Chittagong, Bangladesh to cater to these company’s particular needs. Moreover, as a result of currency differences these companies can have a perfectly balanced team without having to inject a huge amount to their budget, which will be copiously managed and provided on behalf of those companies by Intelzaa!

A handful of companies have really taken to social customer service and are seeing huge success in making customers feel special and wanted by responding in a human voice by dealing with issues and getting it taken care of straightaway.                                                                                                              

What is happening now is cheap and complicated chatbot programmes been installed, as a result make things quite frustrating by having repetitive chats and unable to address the core issue. Bear in mind that a dissatisfied customer is brasher than the satisfied one, making him/her more discernible to your prospective clientele. This will end up having bad consequences and going to put an end to one’s brand value eventually.

What we need to put in perspective is that to be pragmatic to all customer service networks and to see an amalgamated approach between humans and technology.

In a new economic era, this insufficiency must be singled out, given that it is swiftness with care that plays such a trivial role in customer service.

The reputational hazard of indecisiveness has never been greater than ever with indications signifying that one in three consumers will turn to social media for a resolution if they want a quick response.

Consumers should be at the throbbing heart of the sales progression, endowed by the know-how of technology. 

If the United Kingdom is to increase and develop the speed of growth substantially then businesses don’t matter small or big must raise their game by valuing the changing dynamic of the customer-brand rapport. If they fail to do so, which will make them lose their clienteles’ to their competitors who understand and fulfill their ever-growing needs.


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