Covid 19-Digital Evolution-Intelzaa
Covid 19-Digital Evolution-Intelzaa

Sometimes we do not need a revolution but rather a Digital Evolution.

In these uncertain times, with the looming unpredictability of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) sweeping the world, we need to take it to an age of digital evolution in order to survive. In the face of adversity, humankind has always triumphed. This is most applicable in our 2020 scenario, where digital connectivity will be our only salvation. Instead of fearing it, we need to realise that an opportunity has presented itself.

Employment, opportunity and productivity can be achieved if digital marketing platforms are brought into the current environment, life will change that is established but we can change it for the better if a new lifestyle is adopted.

Working from home is the best alternative now to present the people with alternative methods of availing products and services.

Our initiative is to unite be it from the United Kingdom to the skilled ICT force of Bangladesh. The lives of people living in London will have to merge with the people living let it be in Chattagram or Dhaka. Medical services, caregivers will now be of an International level and that is the trust that we hope to achieve, by this valiant collaboration between the United Kingdom and Bangladesh. We may be from different cultures but it’s the Digital world that will now bond us more in this COVID19 crisis

Acquiring new skills will always be the way to move ahead in the future. The world as we knew it has changed drastically and we have to change with the world. The prime objective of this article is to be a bridge in this new skill void that has been created.

Entertainment, health and consumer foods can now be accessed via the most powerful device of this generation, the mobile phone, the tab or any device that may connect to the internet. Every aspect of human survival will now shift to our devices, this will not only make things convenient but also keep us and our families safe. A new source of resource, a way to curb the paranoia of losing earning capability will be shut down.

We will still need factories to produce, personnel to deliver and other physical activities, but the impact of the digital world will increase exponentially. Online education, will require a fleet of digital savvy teachers and, trainers. They in turn will need basic training, which can also be provided remotely by digital experts.

As a result of this magnitudes there will be a massive boost and demand in the ICT industry which will create massive job opportunity and trained professionals    which will make the glitch an error that we complain of will be more secured and way advanced and less complicated means more accurate information which means knowledge which means a more secured environment for the betterment for the coming generations.

Remote Work Digital Work

Physical distancing is the future; virtual representation is the name of the game now. Our connectivity will not decrease but rather people will be more in touch with each other than ever before. We will require and interaction of remarkable scopes to make this scenario a digital reality and a safer environment for the betterment for the future.

The Covid-19 crisis has acted as our crystal ball; it has given us a glimpse into the future. So, now it is up to us to shape it to seize the present and secure the future and move forward.

Disease, affliction and death will always create suffering. That suffering may be addressed by utilising the mobilisation of resources via the “digital media.”

Sourcing, gathering, solving problems which required physical investigation can now be done in mere hours and the resources can reach those who need it the most. An already internet friendly generation is ready to accept the changes in society, now is the time to adapt and evolve.

Every activity in the Covid-19 situation is based on digital connectivity, be it availing healthcare via video or telemedicine or getting advice on health conditions. Our basic nourishments are now available for us at our fingertips.

Digital Evolution & ICT

 Be it movies, television shows or watching our favorite team play, everything is being experienced from the safety of our homes. Unnecessary risks need not to be taken, only the very dire needs require a physical interaction and efficiency in that can be achieved when we can make the digital platform accessible to every individual. Transportation, education, medication have now seen the rise in digital interaction, it will only increase now and this is what we have to prepare ourselves for prospect.

 In these times of human trial and tribulations companies, Individuals and organisations are stepping up to the pitch. Intelzaa UK and renowned charity organisation like Sunshine Charity are unique example of amalgamation of digital and charity can work hand in hands decided to come together and help collect funds digitally and distribute it in the most affected area in a an organised and safest way possible!   

Charity Campaign By Intelzaa

As result of joint venture with Intelzaa UK and Sunshine Charity,it has become a bridge between Bangladesh and United Kingdom.

Now with a click of a button sitting from our own protected vicinity we can have best of the both worlds only because of the Evolutionary changes of” Digital World” which will make our future a safe and a better world if we take it responsibly and in a careful manner by upgrading the glitches. 

Tapping into this scenario, evolving as digital being and outsourcing will help us transition into the 4th industrial revolution or rather the Digital  Evolution. Fear and uncertainty cannot be allowed to exist in the future, readiness and digital efficiency will  ensure that. We need to be prepared and equipped to handle the world, and its needs. This will create rather than disintegrate. This will change for a better and safer world of the future.