Benefits of freelancers:

Outsourcing business processes to freelancers, companies often compensate less greatly than one would to a managed service companies.  There are no infrastructure overheads to outsourcing jobs to freelancers for as overhead is predominantly non-existent. Freelancers can ensure one’s project is accomplished and turnaround quickly, confirming he/she has what one needs right away. If anyone needs a freelancing support that can be trusted to do good work, it can save a substantial amount of money over hiring a company.

Cons of outsourcing freelancers:

The delinquent dilemma arises in that outsourcing jobs to freelancer is always not reliable. Even somebody who communicates well and is available daily is not available every hour of the day and maybe inaccessible due to personal emergencies or if they have a lot of workloads from other clienteles.  A company does not have these issues as it can balance its efforts subject to how many projects come in at once for outsourcing necessities.

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Benefits of outsourcing services to a Managed Service Companies:

In contrast, outsourcing services to a company like Intelzaa, one benefits from 24/7 accessibility.  The client also no longer has to depend on only one person and someone else can scale the tasks that one outsources much quicker. The client does not have to manage several freelancers, frequently there is only one point of contact and one will benefit from meticulous quality structures managed by outsourcing services by a company like Intelzaa.

Moreover, there is a much lower data security hazards and the client can escalate quickly if a problem develops handling tasks. Client also have access to genuine software and tools that regularly updated to stay au fait of new technology and he/she can be dependent on the company to maintain and protect one’s content and backup everything as it is technologically advanced.  Companies also offers legal protection with Nondisclosure Agreements (NDA) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance.

Anyone who has a small company or only need a limited number tasks completed, outsourcing to freelancers vs. companies, companies often gain for their outsourcing facilities because of their ability to weighbridge their efforts and match one’s business needs.

Even though there is a buzz saying that outsourcing is cheaper with freelancers than a managed service organisation it is kind of a myth. Whereas in Intelzaa we do the projects in a much cost efficient, with a high quality finishing and in a much more reliable way than freelancing support.

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How Intelzaa is quite unique and exceptional than others per se:

What Intelzaa does, being a managed service company is way different than a freelancer or let’s say other outsourcing service companies. It is quite hard to manage the cost under control besides having the quality of work intact. But we at Intelzaa has bridge the gap where other companies and freelancers are struggling to meet.

At Intelzaa we do work from local market to foreign markets by keeping the “highest of standard for our foreign partners with a local pricing.”

The way we take on board once we get a project is like our own work. There is a personal touch to everything we take on apart from being cost efficient and quality based.

We bear in mind what exactly outsourcing means and by keeping that in mind we practically put that into practice literally in all of our projects.

Once you outsource service to Intelzaa there is no turning back this is guaranteed and our motto is to facilitate our partners in any way possible to meet their needs to the highest quality and service.

Furthermore, managed services such as Intelzaa are able to accommodate various customer requirements ranging from graphics design to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which would be challenging for freelancers as often they concentrate on a single discipline tasks.


Intelzaa’s multi discipline expertise:


Creative Services:

Graphic Design:

Our expert graphic designers can help you prepare Logos, Banners, Interface and Corporate Identity Materials

Print and Pre-Press:

Our experts have the know how of publications are printed. Print designs projects can be undertaken at ease.

Copyright and Creative writing:

Our creative writers can write contents for your print publications, social media or website

Proofing and Editing:

Proof readers can be assigned to check and correct your contents where necessary.

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Data entry, Data Management, Database Building, Content Moderation, Data Processing, web based research.



Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. (Read more..)


Please talk to us regarding your custom project. Even if it doesn’t fall under our discipline, we will try our best to scout talents to undertake your project.


Lead Generation:

We do a complete service on lead generation, Lead Sourcing

Create a detailed database of leads concentration on your target market.


Lead Enrichment

Enrich your current lead database


CRM cleansing

Verify and update out-of-date information in your CRM. Information may become obsolete and out-of-date. Update your CRM by verifying out of date information.


Email Campaign and copywriting

Run industry specific email campaigns at scale. Engage with your Prospects and follow up with them instantly

If you are ready to outsource any of your work or know someone who needs our help, then please do not hesitate to contact Intelzaa. Please instead of burying yourself with stress and uncertainty let Intezaa take some of the load away with a whiff of our magic.

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