Intelzaa officially started its journey on the 24th of August 2018.  Since it was formally incorporated there were a lot of other things that went behind the scene, which will be the focal discussion of this article. 

The brainchild behind Intelzaa was Sheikh Mohammed Uzair (Founder & Managing Director) and Mukarrabin Ahasan (Founder & Director). One fine day Sheikh phoned Mukarrabin with an urge to start something related to Information Technology together and that urge became a reality ever since. Even though they were on two different continents but the distance between them could not deter the passion of Intelzaa thriving. 

Sheikh Mohammed Uzair is a dynamic, young person who is a successful entrepreneur, was born and raised in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He achieved his higher education from the reputed Australian University of Victoria from one of their affiliated campuses in Malaysia. 

He always had a business cognizance from quite an early age and started one of his first successful ventures when he was just 21.

When he returned to his home Chittagong, he joints his family business as a Deputy Managing Partner. He excelled in a very short period of time with his dedication and determination and made his strong foothold in the Ready-Made Garments as known as RMG industry and also in the commercial sectors of Bangladesh. 

Now as the Founder and the Managing Director of Intelzaa, he is taking it to its new heights and diversifying its prospects in the IT industry & Consultancy Services.

Mukarrabin Ahasan is the Founder and Director of Intelzaa. He was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He left at an early age to pursue his higher studies in London, United Kingdom. 

He finished his college at a private institution in London then pursued his Undergrad in Business Administration and Masters in Strategic Marketing Communications from a renowned establishment at the University of Greenwich also from London.

After completion of his graduations, he worked in retail marketing in a well-established English retail company. Then went on to start his own business in properties and constructions based in England. 

Having gained some experience and a bit of accomplishment in his visit to Bangladesh, he came across Sheikh on one fine day through a mutual friend and the rest is Intelzaa!

Sheikh and Mukarrabin were very much passionate to start anything related to IT that could lead to a problem-solving development and were very adamant to start their endeavor from Chittagong and the United Kingdom because of their origin and identity. 

Intelzaa got its very first breakthrough with their mutual friend and the Founder and the Director of Senang Insurance a Malaysian-based fintech company( Mr. Sharian Raj another brilliant find of his generation.

As mentioned in the earlier article that Senang also started their journey more or less same time as Intelzaa. At first, Mr. Sheikh and Mukarrabin worked remotely by themselves. Furthermore, as workload became more and more, they hired Mr. Faisal Mahmud as an analyst who is now one of the integral members and one of the partners of Intelzaa, followed by Mr. Wahid Khan as well.

Our service at a glance:

In the beginning, we started with small jobs then with our loyalty, perseverance, and delivery on time without compromising the quality we grew bigger strength to strength.

What we really offer is the ultimate luxury of corporate satisfaction and the ease of organic promotion and marketing to the targeted segments. We provide 100% statistics and reporting of all sorts of organic reach, impression counts, share etc., satisfying our partners with a complete track and analysing data with the purpose of future decisions, is our core objective. 

Eventually, we got our own office space and more team members in Chittagong and in London, where the headquarters are based subsequently. 

Although Intelzaa started with Senang which is based in Malaysia but also built a strong portfolio of clientele in Bangladesh, the UK, USA, and Canada with appellations like Ispahani GroupDiamond CementN.Mohammad Group, Well Group, Delhi Aluminium, Canada Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce (CanCham), Sunshine AutomobilesPixofix, Mtech and so on which are listed in our websites at .


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