Intelzaa’s journey began in one fine day after flirting with ideas and non-concrete plans determined to start something together with Founders Sheikh Uzair and Mukarrabin Ahasan. Once Intelzaa was officially formed in August 2018 it never looked back ever since.

We are a global business process outsourcing & a digital marketing agency based in the United Kingdom and delivery centers in Bangladesh where we provide outsourcing & marketing solution for companies from putting the spotlight on their brands.

We have a highly trained and motivated group of team who are catering to the needs of our elite and highly established, specialised partners and mostly are market leaders in their own respective fields. Our partners are mainly based in Europe, UK, Malaysia, USA, Canada, and Bangladesh.

In this article, we will be mainly focusing on our well-established clienteles and discuss how we as a team made an impact on their valued brands.


Senang is a Malaysian-based fintech insurance company that allows corporates, SMEs, and start-ups to get one-off insurance coverage according to their needs. Senang was formed around the same time as Intelzaa. They were our first ever client and have had the confidence in us when we were right at the beginning of this journey. Senang is very special to us in that regard and stuck with us through thick and thin.

Intelzaa gave its blood and sweat and made sure Senang’s has one of the best online presence right up there in its arena. We started by creating a top-notch profile on social media, handled their backend jobs, and got them solid leads. We helped them with their back-office services as well.

Senang got various opportunities for collaboration with various big names in the market, they won the chance to partner with UNCDF as a fintech start-up.*

At present Intelzaa takes care fair amount of their administrative ends like customer queries, creating professional slides to taking care of vital day-to-day business operations.

Senang website link:

Diamond Cement:

The name “Diamond” itself clearly resonates with its huge establishment and reputation as one of the largest cement manufacturers in Bangladesh, founded in 1998.

Even though they were quite well known they were not known demographically to many and the varieties of cement that are manufactured by them.

 So when we took the responsibility to promote them in all the aspects of digital marketing they were quite weakly portrayed and showcased on social media platforms in spite of being such a famous brand! What we simply did was monitored and identified the issues on their online existence. Our target was to make them have a huge presence and followers online organically by using their goodwill. Intelzaa created a strong and informative profile to give them a solid presence and attractions. Within the first three months, the followers grew enormously and their page was a hit.

We have achieved the milestone of receiving around 5 lakh people within 1.5 months; the engagement ratio was more than 1.5 lakh. A staggering 30 % increased in recurring number of people. When the contest campaign was promoted, the post reach was more than 2/3 lakh sometimes.

Including all these fantastic facts, the inbox got plummeted. In addition, we are receiving more than 20+ queries per day, as of now the social media communication channel is smooth, people are sharing their experience, asking questions, talking about getting dealership, and our specialised team is replying to them with great care for one more happy customer.

This was one of the many strategies used by us to make their social media platforms stronger than ever and make their image shinny like a “real diamond” from the rough.

The page started with 2.2k followers and after a year of the continuous campaign now we have 120k+ followers with our page with the most active audience base to engage with the page from our competitors.

Currently, we are providing them with Social Media Strategy, Creatives, Animations, Copywriting, Media Buying/Boosting and Moderation/Querry Management Service.

Website Link:

The Ispahani Group:

Ispahani Group owned by the Ispahani family is the oldest establishment. By far the giants in their own rights in Bangladesh which was formed in 1820 in Chittagong. Much not needed to be said as the name “Ispahani” speaks for itself! Although acclaimed worldwide for their tea, Ispahani Group has many other revenues such as Pitstop Restaurant and The Avenue Hotel & Suites.

When we were given the opportunity to take care of their digital presence for their concerns as named above Pitstop Restaurant and the Avenue Hotel & Suites it was like Intelzaa have finally has made its mark in the digital world of Bangladesh for being able to establish working affinity with such an appellation as Ispahani. 

We have grown 100%+ in every aspect of the platforms. The ratio of engagement and reach increased, conversions were tremendous and people are interacting than before, which created a positive impact on the online ecosystem for these two traditional concerns of Ispahani group.

Currently, we are providing them with Social Media Strategy, Creatives, Animations, Copywriting, Media Buying/Boosting and Moderation/Querry Management Service..

Ispahani Group FB Page Link: Pitstop Chattogram | Facebook | Avenue Hotel & Suites | Facebook

N. Mohammad Group:

N. Mohammad as they are popularly known was established in UAE in one of the sectors of the automobile industry in 1968, then re-established itself in Bangladesh in the 1980s as a household brand as N. Mohammad Plastic. They are one of the robust and fastest-growing successes in one of the top companies in Bangladesh.

Intelzaa and N. Mohammad crossed paths at a crucial stage of our growth while we were also diversifying in web development and solidifying our stance at taking full control of backend aspects of the jobs as well.

N. Mohammed accepted our professional advice and views with open arms and left their digital procreations in Intelzaa’s capable hands.

We had only 1.4k followers when we started and closer to 0 responses but after our various successful campaigns, the followers grew to almost 40k, and the engagement sky-rocketed. The suppliers and also the customers had a complaint previously about the lack of marketing of N. Mohammad but after a few months with Intelzaa by their side the complaints got diminished significantly.

Since then we never looked back and grew with each other strength to strength in the digital realm. We helped them create a high-tech fast-paced modern website, managing the backend parts of the development and giving them a massive boost on social media display places.

Currently, we are providing them with Social Media Strategy, Creatives, Animations, Copywriting, Media Buying/Boosting and website design & maintenance.

N. Mohammad Page Link: N Mohammad Group | Facebook

Well Group:

Well Group was formed in the late 1970s right after the independence but their savory and confectionary sister concern Well Food an international franchise was opened in the second largest city of Bangladesh, Chittagong on 31st December of 2004. Even though in that sector they were fairly new but their speedy growth all over Bangladesh speaks about their fame and accolades otherwise!

Other concerns of Well Food like Rio Coffee, Bigbite, Tanoor Kebab, and Twingle are also under the digital management of Intelzaa. Since partnered up with Intelzaa, Well Food had a cautious start with us. We only had Rio Coffee Chattogram at first but seeing the online success with slow but steady growth in their digital media platforms and increase in their footfall, they have also decided to give us their other concerns which were named earlier, located in the biggest marketed city Dhaka with all their brands!

We helped them grow their page exponentially and after a great few months of work, we were able to verify their Facebook page too.

To know more about FB verification and its value:

Not only this we have also redesigned their website to be more attractive and user-friendly. The new website is completely optimised for the people to place orders, interact with the customer service and know more about the company.

Currently, we are providing them with Social Media Strategy, Creatives, Animations, Copywriting, Media Buying/Boosting, Moderation/Querry Management Service, and website design & maintenance.

Well Food Page Link: Well Food & Beverage Company Limited | Facebook


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