Social media has become the quintessential form of entertainment in our daily lives and usage has drastically increased by 72% during the pandemic. With the social media use soaring, during the lockdown – we decided to interview these six delightfully sophisticated ladies, who are all very tech-savvy and played a huge role on social media platforms in their respective fields, to see their take on their favourite social media during the quarantine.

We could not have completed this piece of work without these amazing personalities from different parts of the world, who have motivated and inspired us by contributing with their unique philosophies. All of them have mastered the art of using different social media platforms in this era to their benefits. We hope you will enjoy their insights as much as we did. 

  • Diana Tatarkina (age: 19 from Moscow, Russia)

Diana is a graduate in business and aspiring to become an actress and a singer. A socialite who likes to travel and capture beautiful moments that she loves to share with her followers. 

She is a young talented lady with beauty and brain. She spends nearly up to six hours unfailingly on social media, especially on Instagram to follow her interests, hobbies, read news, and posts her day to day affairs. It is a very vital part of her ordered rituals. Sometimes she wishes not to spend as much time on it but a huge chunk of her job depends on it by staying connected to her followers, friends, and people that she follows. 

In her own words here Diana had to say about her most hand-me-down and liked social media platform;

“If I were asked to portray myself, I would use Instagram. The reason is that Instagram is seemingly the most popular among the youth. Furthermore, it is so popular among businesses. That is why it really reflects my lifestyle.”

While asked regarding the impact of lockdown on social media, here is what she added;

 “In general I believe that people was involved more in social media during lockdown. The reason for that mainly for the lack of communication and the entertainment due to restrictions. Many people felt lonely and tried to socialise through social media platforms.”  

With regard to Tiktok she said that it is an alternative display place mainly for pure entertainment.

Diana Tatakarina

  • Faiza Khan (age: 21 from Manchester, United Kingdom)

Faiza describes herself as a logical, empathetic and caring individual with a strong belief in feminism, meaning equal rights for all.

She is currently in her last year of her engineering course. She is also a promising entrepreneur who has her own bakery company that specialises in cinnamon buns call Cinnabunmcr.  At such a young age her gutsy attitude, entrepreneurial skills and her maturity to analyse business environment is quite outstanding. 

Her strong foothold in this cut throat competitive industry has motivated us to have a better understanding of our business and made us realise nothing is impossible if one has a firm belief and puts one’s soul into it.    

When it comes to social media, Instagram and Facebook are her top picks, as she can use it to promote her business and to gain knowledge for itself. 

Likewise, Tiktok is a great “mindless scrolling platform” mainly for the source of amusements and an easy way for honing in her bakery and DIY skills. 

To sum up if Faiza had to pick one social media platform where she gets an amalgamation of everything, she quoted;

Instagram for sure, as it is great for small start-up businesses but also for connecting with those that are important to you. It allows you to portray yourself and your views in a transparent and meaningful way.”

Faiza Khan

  • Eshaba Sharuz: (age: 28 from Miami, Florida, USA)

Eshaba is a dear friend who was gracious enough to take out some precious time off her extremely hectic schedule to help us with this piece by being on it. Intelzaa ( had the utmost privileged to work with her company Zesh & Co. ( She is a very successful entrepreneur who has seen a huge success at an early stage of her start-up. Her business is a high-end retail entirely based on e-commerce platforms. 

Eshaba stated that her success and winning clients up until today can be accredited to social media platforms such as Instagram predominantly and Facebook also. 

According to her “Instagram is user friendly, you can get very creative, and it’s one of the most popular ones at this moment to reach the highest number of audiences. 

Instagram and Twitter. Both are very informative and educational in their own ways. And Instagram is vital for Zesh & Co. as we run our campaigns on it.”

When asked about her least favourite platform she revealed that;

“I would say Facebook at this point, as to us personally there is too much going on at once which causes it to be a bit scattered. However, we do end up using it for Zesh & Co. as well.”

haba Sharuz

  • Nese Turak: (age: 31 from Vienna, Austria)

Nese is a high spirited, jolly and young at heart person She truly is a breath of fresh air who hails from Vienna.

She is an Instagramer and a blogger who loves to travel and portray her experiences via Instagram, and she does so from an artistic point of view. She is gifted for her aesthetically captured photographs of the gorgeously scenic beauty of Austria through her lens. The way she captures those moments truly looks magical after its portrayal and to be honest motivates her followers like us to venture out to discover the natural beauty!

When it comes to her social media preferences, this is what Nese says: 

“That’s easy, I would choose Instagram and I can easily share pictures, texts and stories. I would say a picture says more than thousand words. I like to share photos of the places that I have traveled to, where you can eat well and also how you enjoy life. My account consists of pictures which I have taken all by myself with the help of few filters. I share my hobby of a travel guide through Instagram where I can share the beauty of this world with my pictures.”


  • Karina Niuklyte: (age: 33 from Palanga, Lithuania) 

Karina was one of the first ladies to come to our mind when we contemplated who to interview for this article. She describes herself as a pious Christian with financial background. 

She has always been a caring, giving and supportive. Karina straightaway agreed to help us with this graft when we approached her without any hesitation, being an elusive and a private person that she is. Three cheers for going out of her comfort zone and taking that extra leap for Intelzaa!

At first we were a bit intrigued when got to read her statements for taking a completely different take on her social media platform use than everyone else. Although this particular platform has been the backlash and have been the epitome of the gossip for making non thoughtful videos and clips which is not taken seriously at all by users, the Tech Biz and other related news per se.

Here she has mentioned in her own words about her take on different social media platforms about its use, the most liked and least liked ones and why so;

During the quarantine my social media consumption has increased considerably. I do find that some sort of discipline is needed now when it comes to the amount of time, I can allow myself to spend on social media. I also feel like I am grateful to other people for all the effort to entertain/inform/inspire us, but what am I giving back? 

I prefer taking pictures of nature for Instagram and making short Christian videos for TikTok content. I am very passionate about Jesus Christ, and what He has done for us. 

However, for business I would use all of them as I think each platform can help you reach different groups of people. I really think people need and like the variety! At this very moment I would say TikTok, I like the idea of short inspirational messages, or people sharing funny side of themselves in a short video. I love to laugh. So many funny family videos during lockdown. However, I do not like to see any type of vanity or vulgarity.

I wouldn’t choose one, each platform offers different type of content, and I like to have access to variety of things for either social interactions or just entertainment. But at the moment TikTok is my favourite.” 


  • Yazemeenah Rossi: (age: 65 from Malibu, USA)

For a special little touch to end this piece, Intelzaa would like to introduce a woman of timeless beauty, intellect and talent. Ms. Yazemeenah Rossi is an icon and a philanthropist who leads by example. 

One does not have enough words to describe her because the more we got to know her up-close the more we got blown away by her charismatic and enigmatic persona. A French magnificence who is residing in Malibu, California for a while now. 

Yazemeenah is a proclaimed Visual Artist, a model, a self-taught photographer, a mother, a grandmother and a super being. She has bent the rule when it came to her profession and made others running to her instead of giving up her ideologies. She has revolutionised the modelling industry where an individual of her age truly was an image of a weak and a feeble being. She has changed that mind-set of those in that industry from its root by becoming a super model. 

An exemplary for what we have been trying to say in all formats of social media platforms but highly involved and active on Instagram daily. She is promoting and selling her products which she normally displays on herself and markets it through her highly followed social media platforms, specially Instagram and her personal website. Her breathtakingly beautifully captured photographs of herself, nature, sea specially one of her most favourite elements which is water.

Here’s what she shared which has been translated from French to English: 

“Having had the freedom to explore and discover nature from an early age instilled in me a sense of confidence and freedom. I believe that to be free is to let my little inner voice guide me. It seems obvious to me that making one’s own choices, which may seem illogical or unreasonable to others at times, when it sounds right to you, is the key to happiness. To be outside of narrow, sclerosing conventions, to be without labels, opens up much wider horizons.

No one can make a choice for us. In my heart and not the reason that negatively said I wouldn’t have a job, echoes from my entourage who arrived in Malibu in the middle of a recession …but I never felt any fear or regret for having made this choice and today in the middle of a Pandemic due to Covid 19, I give thanks for having made this choice which seemed totally unreasonable for some people.”


So in conclusion talking to these amazing souls, we have perceived from their feedback so far that Facebook and Twitter are less popular these days as reasons were mentioned above. Even though its usage has surged up during this lockdown because of its popularity among some group of users.

Instagram has clearly won as the most popular social media tool for whys and wherefores such as privacy, more accurate news, user friendly, display of images by sharing and reaching accurately targeted audiences. 

These truly wonderful personalities have been setting a trend for others to see and follow by setting examples. It truly was a magical journey which has come to an end for now but will be immortal forever through digitization and its era!


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