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In November 2021Chattogram has had the first opening of its very own co-working space named Ekotro (the co-working community), which has been powered by Intelzaa and MTech.                        

The brainchild behind Ekotro is the two young dynamic entrepreneur duos from the port city of Bangladesh Sheikh Uzair and Junaid Ahmed Rahat. Uzair and Junaid’s passion & hard work, perseverance, and overcoming unforeseeable challenges made it possible to found it successfully. 

Ekotro is situated in the heart of the port city in a hassle-free environment of Sugondha.                                                                                                          

In the capital city of Dhaka, there were lots of co-working establishments for a while now but the initiation of Uzair and Junaid made it possible to give Chattogram the first of its kind a modern, professional, and perfectly co-working haven at proper affordable rates for the start-ups, freelancers and SMEs.

Lately, co-working spaces have been quite popular amongst SMEs, freelancers, and entrepreneurs especially in the capital city of Dhaka. The port city of Bangladesh has not had a taste of it until Ekotro was finally launched!

According to the founders, all these years no one has ever created an opportunity for ever-growing and talented entrepreneurs from Chattogram. They did not have a single vicinity and a facility, where one can pop in and work without any hassle of paper works with a very affordable price at this day and age.

They can have all the modern facilities from free unlimited Wi-Fi, IT support, power backup, projector display, training facilities, and a presentation room. Entrepreneurs can exhibition their products and projects on the office display shelf.  Moreover, a refreshment room and a pantry room to eat are available, likewise can have teas and confectionaries provided by Ekotro which is absolutely complimentary! 

Ekotro offers an amazing “Membership Guide” (BDT/TK)

-Private Desk:
  Hourly: 249/-
  Daily: 500/-
  Weekly: 1,799/-
  Monthly: 2,499/-

-Meeting Room:
 Hourly: 500/-
 Half-Day: 2,000/-
 Full-Day: 4,000/-

-Private Cabin (4):
 Monthly: 15 ,999/-

-Private Cabin (6):
 Monthly: 23,999/-

-Locker Facilities:
 Each: 500/-

*Subject to change in price, please check Ekotro’s website for an updated listing.

Ekotro is established not solely for a business agenda but also a project very close to the founder’s heart. It was created to provide a platform for the rising aptitudes and businesspersons who can have a creative and robust working environment without having to worry about huge down payments, monthly rents, or agreements. Therefore, to provide true serendipity for the community where they truly belong!

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